Kenshoo Social Certification

Welcome to the Kenshoo Socialites Training and Certification Program, your destination for learning about everything social – from the basics of how to use Kenshoo Social™ to manage your campaigns, to the advanced strategies that will prove you’re at the top of your field.


Kenshoo Social Training

It all begins with our Knowledge Center, a veritable boot camp where you can learn everything you need to know about social through videos and playbooks that will show you the way.

  • Fundamentals: Learn about the basics of navigating the social landscape with a series of written playbooks that will help you better understand how to develop strategies and work with the nuances of social advertising.
  • Product: Watch training videos and learn how to use Kenshoo Social as our account managers walk you through everything from setup to advanced features step-by-step, giving you their inside tips and tricks along the way.
  • Advanced: Only the true insiders know all the tips and tricks. These playbooks reveal advanced thinking in social media, and help you get the inside info on how to become a Kenshoo Socialite.

Kenshoo Social Training is available to Kenshoo Social clients only. If you’re a Kenshoo Social client, contact your Account Manager to obtain access to our training materials and testing platform or Kenshoo Socialites at today for access. Not a Kenshoo Social client yet? Find out more about Kenshoo Social.


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